Native American Community in Multnomah County

The Native American Community in Multnomah County:  An Unsettling Profile

This is the most widespread study of the local urban Indian community in Multnomah county.  This 118 page report is the result of a three year partnership between the Native American community, The Coalition of Communities of Color and researchers at Portland State University.  The Coalition of Communities of Color decided to embark on a research project in which data could be used to empower communities and eliminate racial and ethnic disparities. 

The Portland Indian Leaders Roundtable took a lead role in the implementation of the Native American research.  Elders of the community reviewed the work and provided invaluable knowledge and historical context. 

Our main priority is to advocate for policy decisions that improves outcomes for the Native American community.

Download a copy of the Native American Report here.


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The Coalition of Communities of Color addresses the socioeconomic disparities, institutional racism, and inequity of services experienced by our families, children, and communities.  The Coalition organizes our communities for collective action resulting in social change to obtain self-determination, wellness, justice and prosperity.
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